Raggedy &? is…

Raggedy &? is like the drama class drop out who never found a place in the fake and filtered school of
hard shots where everyone is sexy and famous. Not made of plastic, Raggedy &? is made of fabric, a real
throwback that makes you wanna go back to the days when things felt less phony.

Growing up between the North, South and Midwest; Raggedy &? was exposed to different people,
places and things that helped her develop an eclectic music style. She began singing at age 3 and for
many years to follow was enrolled in chorus at school, further developing her vocal skill & love for
music. After some turbulent teenage years Raggedy &? found herself a single mother at 17, alone and
on her own in Denver, CO; and that’s when the real song writing began. By 22 years old our beloved Ragz
became entangled in substance abuse and the legal system, so she escaped to NY, her place of birth, where
she embarked on the road to recovery.

Along this road Raggedy &? encountered Movement in Motion artist and activist collective, End of the
Weak, Mama’s HipHop Kitchen, Rebel Diaz Artist Collective, the HipHop Subway Series and many other
NYC platforms as LMNOP. This is where she honed her craft in writing, performing, recording and
building with other creatives in the 2006 – 2013 era. In 2014 Raggedy &? began a new career and
relocated to Orlando, FL where she currently resides continuing to share her raw, honest and unique

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